Council pushes for employees’ improved benefits

Council pushes for employees’ improved benefits

MEMBERS of the Kongwa District Workers' Council have advised the Department of Administration and Personnel to focus on equity while managing interests of employees.

The piece of advice was given at a staff council meeting which sat last week to receive a report on the implementation of the Plan and Budget on Staff Merits for the Financial Year 2021/2022 and reviewing the Council's Draft Plan and Budget for the financial year 2022 /23.

Presenting the report of the Department of Administration and Personnel, Personnel Officer Evodius Rugeiyamu noted that the Department has allocated a total of 3m/- as an incentive to award employees, who will be acknowledged for good performance during the Workers' Day (May Day) for the financial year 2022/23.

Contributing to the matter of employees’ interests, Acting Secretary of the Teachers Union (CWT) Dodoma Region Andrea Nyemba advised the Department of Administration and Personnel to avoid biases during the process of rewarding the best employees.

"Let's look at one person who is really hard working, however, don’t forget to acknowledge other disregarded cadres like teachers, village and ward executives; all need recognition to boost their working spirit that will improve the rendered services to Wananchi,” he advised.

The move also was supported by the Chairman of the District Coordinating Committee for Local Government Workers Union (TALGWU) Michael Machimo who in turn advised the department to conduct deep research on criteria that used to identify the best staff, if is valid and give equal chance to all staff to be nominated.

"Everyone has the right to take the prize money, so the department must set a standard that would help to acknowledge the best worker without leaving murmuring or complains to other staff,” he advised.

Contributing to the draft budget for the Financial Year 2022/2023, TALGWU Regional Secretary Wandiba Kongoro advised the department to allocate sufficient budget to fund staff funerals to embrace the status of their staff even after death.

Responding on various issues raised, the Head of the Personnel and Administration Department, Fortunatus Mabula, said all members' ideas and opinions have been taken into account and will be implemented, when necessary, including improvements in the funeral expenses for died employees as well as clearing all their debts.


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