Tanzania hosts 1st international conference on blue economy

Tanzania hosts 1st international conference on blue economy

THE Minister for Works and Transportation, Prof Makame Mbarawa is expected to open the first blue economy international conference in Dar es Salaam today

This was unveiled on Monday in Dar es Salam by Acting Principle of the Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute (DIM), Tumaini Gurumo when he was speaking to reporters concerning the two-day conference.

She said the conference will be also attended by Zanzibar Minister for Blue Economy who will be among the spokesperson in the conference about different opportunities that are available in blue economy.

“The conference will be attended by different international dignitaries, ambassadors. This is the first blue economy conference in our country so we urge all people who were invited to attend because there would be many positive things during the conference,” said Dr Tumaini.

She said the aim of the two days conference is to reveal opportunities that are available in blue economy in our ocean so that they can BE effectively useD by Tanzanians in development activities.

Dr Gurumo said the current development plan for the year 2021-2025 stated clear that blue economy is priority in the country’s economic activities.

Meanwhile, Dr Gurumo also urged Tanzanians to encourage their relatives to study seafarer profession because it has vast job opportunities all around the world compared to other professions.

She said seafarer is a noble profession like many other professions where by a student study theories and practical work and eventually graduate in different levels.

Dr Gurumo said the trainings offered by DMI have international accreditation so their students can work anywhere around the world because of the fact that their certificates are recognized.

“The seafarers demand in huge around the world, many countries have ships but they don’t have seafarers. Example Ukraine is among the countries that have huge amount of seafarers but the current situation in their country has made them to stay home so you can see that it is another opportunity for Tanzanian seafarers to take chance,” she said.

 She urged parents and guardians in the country to encourage their relatives to study seafarer profession because it is the rare profession which has vast employment opportunities.

Dr Tumaini said the conference will be officially closed on Wednesday by the Minister for Education and Vocational Studies, Prof Adolph Mkenda.


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