Sumbawanga to benefit from TACTIC project

Sumbawanga to benefit from TACTIC project

SUMBAWANGA Municipal Council in Rukwa region will spend over 42.5bn/- for implementation of three major projects during the 2022/23 Financial Year, thanks to World Bank (WB) funding.

The projects come as the government is rolling out Tanzania Cities Transforming Infrastructures and Competitiveness Project (TACTIC) in 45 cities, municipal and town councils.

The Sumbawanga Municipal Council Mayor,Mr Justine Malisawa revealed that in a meeting with journalists based here in the municipality saying once accomplished the projects will transform Sumbawanga town. 

Giving a breakdown to that, Mr  Malisawa said more than 18bn/- will be spent on the construction of a modern market at Kanondo village at Ntendo ward.

“The project involves the construction of 400 business stalls, cereal storage facilities and other key structures,” he explained.

According to the municipal mayor, the other project on the list is the rehabilitation of 15 kilometres of roads around Sumbawanga Town at asphalt level at the cost of 22bn/-.

He also listed down a section of the roads Maweni II spanning 0.4 km, Sokolo-Bible- Mbeya road spanning 2.6 km, Kalangasa roan 0.5 km, Kasema road 0.2 km, Maendeleo road 0.2, Muva road, Regional Block-Msakila road spanning to 1.2 km.

Also, Kimati - Ufipa road 0.2 km, Airport-Senga- Wipanga road 2.7 km, SIDO - Senga - Mafulala road 27 kms, Malihewa - Sokola - Kizwite road 1.3 km (special request) and Wangoma - Sokomatola - Bangwe road 1.2 km ( special request).

He further explained that the construction of a modern recreation centre at Malangali ward will cost over 2.5bn/-.


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