Bank unveils new product to attract more customers

Bank unveils new product to attract more customers

The bank said in a statement issued in Dar es Salaam on Sunday that the product was a New Year gift to its clients, who are ready to demystify financial planning and become good savers.

“You only need to drop just a bit of your earnings in your Haba na Haba Account after authorising Exim Bank to set aside a small portion of your savings or salary regularly or every month, for a fixed period ranging from 12 to 120 months”, the statement said.

It further said that the depositor will get100m/- with a monthly investment of 515,000/-only for a period of 10 years and as per the prevailing rates. The bank said that the current tough times and fluctuating world economies have led many families into financial problems.

“More and more families are finding themselves cash-strapped and the key word today is security and the only goal is resource augmentation”, the statement said. The bank further said the minimum amount to be deposited could be as low as 20,000/- per month with no upper limit.

“The scheme is open for new, existing and corporate clients by just authorising the bank to set aside every month the desired amount from the savings into the new account,” it added. Exim Bank is ranked sixth largest in the local banking sector in terms of total assets, deposits and finances and has a network of 22 branches and 48 Automated Teller Machines (ATM) across the country.

It is the only locally bank which has extended wings outside the country with the opening of subsidiaries in Djibouti and Comoros Island. It has a single branch in Djibouti and two branches in the Indian Ocean Island.

The bank recently acquired a new core banking solution from M/S Polaris Software Labs Limited, one of the leading IT enabled banking solution provider in the world market that has helped the bank provide services more convenient and effectively.

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