House committee lauds TASAF projects

House committee lauds TASAF projects

The committee's Chairperson, Ms Pindi Chana, observed over the weekend that the projects by TASAF have largely benefitted people in remote parts of the country who would otherwise have missed crucial social services.

Ms Chana made the observation during a tour to inspect various projects sponsored by TASAF in Rufiji and Mkuranga districts in Coast region. The committee was generally impressed by TASAF's projects but also challenged district councils and village leaderships to ensure that all projects sponsored by the  fund are carefully overseen.

''We have been informed about some of the challenges that lead to more funds being spent on a project than earlier budgeted for, we call on all those involved to expedite implementation of projects,'' she said. One of the major challenges facing TASAF projects is price fluctuations of building materials which lead to projects needing more funds to be completed.

Earlier, TASAF's Managing Director, Ladislaus Mwamanga, told the committee that Mkuranga district council received over 1.8bn/- including additional funding for implementation of the second phase of TASAF projects. He also said that Rufiji district received over 2.2bn/- to implement TASAF projects which have now been completed and only two are waiting to be certified.

Mr Mwamanga noted that one of the major challenges they face in implementing projects is delay in completion of projects as well as the public's reluctance to contribute. He said that TASAF operates on a 80/20 approach whereas the funds contribute 80 per cent of funding and the public contributes 20 per cent which could be in various forms such as labour and provision of construction materials such as water and sand.

''But we have realized that most people have not been receiving adequate information about the projects thus they become reluctant to play their part. We are currently trying to tackle all challenges before going on to the third phase,'' he said.    

The Mkurunga District Commissioner, Mr Henry Orawiya Clemence, who is also the acting Rufiji District Commissioner, also lauded TASAF for the good work they have been doing in the districts. He said that TASAF needs all the support of both the public and political leaders for the fund to continue doing the work it has been doing.

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