Local tour operators meet in Arusha on Wednesday

Local tour operators meet in Arusha on Wednesday


He said that Lisa Simon, President of the North America's National Tour Association (NTA) will be the key speaker during the one-day meeting.  “We are trying to chart out strategies jointly on how to penetrate the US market”, Mr Akuunay said. 

He said that the American expert will share with the operators on the best ways Tanzania can adopt to market the local tourism attractions.  He said that key topics will cover the overview of the contribution of tourism to the global economy, statistics on US travel to Africa, specifically Tanzania, and a detailed profile of various market segments. 

US market segments that Tanzania has not targeted yet include the Faith-based travellers, adventure travellers, luxury market, student and youth interactions, baby boomers and mature Americans.  Other topics lined up for discussion are the assessment of Africa and Tanzania as a brand in connection with the new markets. 

Others are overview of the US travel trade and its distribution system, profile of national tour association, how to market the travel trade and how to utilize the national tour association resources to reach the market.  The US is Tanzania’s second leading source of tourists after Europe.  The number of tourists from the US each year is over 55,000, mostly hunters, photographic safari makers and Mount Kilimanjaro climbers. 

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