Scarcity of land fails TIC in Kilimanjaro

Scarcity of land fails TIC in Kilimanjaro

TIC Senior Investment Facilitation Officer, Mr Sospeter Ndelema said at the end of a seminar on entrepreneurship that the Northern Zonal Office registered 46 projects in four years between 2008 and 2011.  “This is low by far compared to 117 projects registered in ten years between 2005 and 2010”, he said.

He said that, 34 are operated by indigenous Tanzanians, seven others are owned by foreigners while five are joint ventures.  He added that the projects registered between 2005 and 2010, 50 were on tourism, manufacturing (20), the education sector (12) agriculture (11) and transportation (11). 

Mr Ndelema said there were no investors who ventured into mining and energy, adding that during the period under review, two training workshops sponsored by Exim Bank on investment were conducted and attended by 280 entrepreneurs. He revealed that the training helped in highlighting challenges facing investors, such as getting working permit and slow clearance of cargo at various entry points.

However, he said TIC was impressed by the overall performance so far.  He expressed grave concern over the stalled manufacturing sector in the region and called for the developers to improve production to create jobs and support the economy. 

He revealed that TIC will this year scout for land and register it in the Land Bank  as well as arrange two seminars for entrepreneurs in collaboration with the regional and district authorities,  

“Plans are also afoot to arrange for ‘focused group’ meeting based on agriculture, industry and tourism sectors as well as a seminar for government departments that provide services to investors,” Mr Ndelema said.  

He said TIC will initiate a process intended to revive the stalled industrial units in collaboration with other development stakeholders in the region.  He said the plans would also involve promotion of investment opportunities in the region and the Northern Zone in general.

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