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We will continue with our topic Relatives

In the future tense, the relative particle kapo is used,e.g

Utakapo kuja……                         When you come

Utakapo kuja utakuta.                When you (will) come you

Kazi tayari.                                    Will find the work ready

The relative of place is ka,”where”,e.g.

Sijui alikoweka kitabu kile, I do not know where he put that book.

Je,unajua alikokwenda?  Do you know where he/she went?

Note that mo and Po are also used instead of ko with some difference:

Usiingie chumbani.          Do not inter the room

Walimo wageni.                 Where the guest are.

Palipo Kaa/walipokaa          where old man are (sitting).

Wazee hakuna Cha kuogopa.There is nothing to be afraid of .


Fill in the right relative particles:

1.wali …….kuwa watoto walipenda sana kucheza.

2.miti Ili ……anguka Jana ilikuwa mirefu sana

3.Mwizi Ali ….Ina shuleni amekamatwa na polisi.

Translate into Swahili

1.The book which you gave me is very nice

2.Do not sit on the place which is not clean

3,I like reading a book which is useful

Habari Zifananazo

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