Jifunze Kiswahili


In this class we find names of trees,members of the human body,household articles,and some physical phenomena .Examples;

Singular.                                                Plural

Mti,tree.                                            Miti,trees

Mkono,hand,arm.                         Mikono,hands,arms

Mguu,leg,foot.                              Miguu,legs,feet

Mgongo, back.                             Migongo, backs

Mdomo,mouth,lip.                        Midomo,mouths,lips

Mwili,body.                                     Miili,bodies

Moyo,heart.                                     Mioyo,hearts

Moto,fire.                                         Mioto,fires

Moshi,smoke.                                  Mioshi,smokes

Mto,river,pillow.                                Mito,rivers,pillows

Mji,town, city.                                    Miji,towns, cities

Mkate,bread.                                     Mikate,bread (loaves of)

Mstari,line.                                         Mistari,lines

Mtende,palm tree.                            Mitende,palm trees

Mwaka,year                                       Miaka ,years

Mwezi,moon,month.                        Miezi ,months

Mwanzo beginning.                           Mwanzo,beginnings

Mwisho,end.                                        Mwisho,ends

The adjectives which qualify these nouns take m and mi,thus;mti;mrefu “a tall tree”;mti mrefu;”tall tree”;mwanzo Mzuri, a good beginning “,mwanzo mzuri”,good beginning ”

Using ni for is and are,we have;mtende ni mti mrefu”A palm tree is a tall tree Nairobi ni mji mkubwa”Nairobi is a big city”mwanzo Mzuri na mwisho mbaya”a good beginning and a bad end”

Habari Zifananazo

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