Jifunze Kiswahili


Tatu: How are you,Amina?

Amina: I am well,how are you?

Tatu:Quite well,how are the children?

Amina:They are well,Where are you going?

Tatu:I am going to school to see the teacher who came yesterday.

Amina:Yes,I heard there is a teacher who came yesterday.

Tatu:Come on,then,let us go to see him,I hear he is very young.

Amina:I hear it is a girl who just graduated this year.

Tatu:people from distant places have already arrived at school to receive the new teacher.hello,let us go!

Amina:Wait,let me put on my high heeled shoes,

Tatu:Don’t be too long,I don’t like to be the last person (to arrive)

Amina:Well,let us go,sister,let us take this path,it is a short-cut.


Sister                                dada

Yesterday.                            Jana

Tomorrow                             kesho

Day.                                        Mchana

Night.                                       Usiku

Friends.                                   Marafiki

People.                                    Watu

Habari Zifananazo

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