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We proceed with our topic Swahili verbs

The past Tense

nilisoma, I read.                                                    Tulisoma, we read

Ulisoma, you read.                                                Mlisoma, you read

Alisoma, he/she read.                                          Walisoma ,they read

The future Tense

Nitasoma, I shall read.                                          Tutasoma, we shall read

Utasoma, you will read.                                          Mtasoma, you will read

Atasoma, he/she will read.                                     watasoma, they will read


These verbs are called monosyllabic because without the prefix tu,they have only one syllable each ,e.g la,ja,fa,nywa,wa,Taking the verb kula,”to eat”we have:

Present Tense

Ninakula,I eat ; I am eating.                                           Tunakula,we eat;we are eating

Unakula,you eat,                                                               mnakula, you eat;

You are eating.                                                                  You are eating

Anakula,he/she eats:                                                         wanakula,they eat;

He is eating.                                                                         They are eating

Perfect Tense

Nimekula, I have eaten;                                                       tumekula, we have eaten

Umekula, you have eaten;                                                    mmekula, you have eaten.

Amekula,he/she,has eaten.                                                 Wamekula ,they have eaten

Past Tense

Nimekula,I ate.                                                                      Tulikula we are

Ulikula,you ate.                                                                      Mlikula ,you will ate

Alikula,he/she ate.                                                                Walikula they ate

Future Tense

Nitakula,I shall eat;                                                                   Tutakula,we shall eat

Utakula,you will eat;                                                                mlikula, you will eat

Atakula,he/she will eat;                                                            watakula,they will eat





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So this is the end of our topic Swahili verbs

Habari Zifananazo

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