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We will continue with our topic SWAHILI ADVERBS AND PREPOSITIONS.

Useful Expressions

Fanya hivi,.                                                   Do (it)this way.

Usifanye hivi,.                                               I did not say that.

Usifanye hivi,.                                               Do not (it)in this way.

Hivyo ndivyo ulivyosema                            That is what you said.

Fanya vyovyote upendavyo                          Do as you please wish

Mambo Yako hivyo ulivyosikia                    Things as you have heard.

Walisemaje ulipozaliwa                                What did they say when you asked them?

Amekwendaje ?                                             How did he go?

Popote ulipo,.                                                 Where ever you may be.

Nitakuta kokote uendako,.                           I will follow you wherever you go

Huku na huko,.                                               Here and there.

Palepale,.                                                         On the spot

Hapahapa,.                                                      Right here

Tazama ulivyo,.                                                Look at the way he is

NB.Adverbs can also be formed by prefixing ki to nouns,thus:

Kiungwana,”like a gentleman”in the manner of a gentleman “,

Tazama  nguo zilivyo chafu,.                           See how dirty the clothes are,

Sikia Simba anavyonguruma,.                         Hear how the lion is roaring.

Hivi ndivyo mambo yalivyo,.                            That is the way things are.

We will continue with our topic next time

Habari Zifananazo

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